Carl Löwstedt Lundell

Carl Löwstedt Lundell was born 1996 in Sweden, Stockholm where he lived up until the beginning of 2018 when he moved to Lucca in Italy.

The camera is the most important tool for him in his personal expressions, aswell as in his professional activity as a photographer and filmmaker with the media production company Komplexity.

Other than his personal artistic activity he has been a part of starting up two associations for young photographers first in Sweden (UFS) and later in Toscana (GFT).


Carl Löwstedt Lundell
Tel: +46735950717


Still Movement - Exhibition in Sweden
Painting With Camera
 - Collective exhibition in Sweden (UFS)
Young Photographers in Toscana (GFT) - Member of the board
Young Photographers in Sweden (UFS) - Member of the board
Komplexity Media - Production Company